Mark Keith

In June of 2011, I put my home on the market to sell because I had gotten a new job in another city. Unfortunately, the house did not sell by the time I had to move. It sat empty while I lived elsewhere. No showings, no interest, and no offers. I had to take the house off the market in February 2012 and come up with another plan. Frustrated with my present agent, a friend gave me the names of the agents that had sold her house. She recommended Alexandra and Fran Christman. She said if I wanted my house to sell fast, this was the team to use. No matter what, “do whatever they say.” I quickly learned my friend was correct. Alexandra and Fran were extremely personal as well as professional and took me on as their client. They came up with a new plan to have my house be the best house on the market in my neighborhood. In order to sell I had to make my home look like a house built in 2012 even though it was built in 1984. Under their guidance and supervision, I watched my home transform from a rusty old jalopy to a fully restored classic beauty. I was amazed at how all the suggestions that they gave me worked out magically. After a month of renovations, the house went back on the market the first week of April. Less than a month later, multiple offers, and a whopping 54 showings, the house was under contract. With my previous agent I had 5 showings in almost a year and no offers. With Alexandra and Fran, I had 54 showings and 7 offers in less than a month. Alexandra and Fran Christman are wonderful. From beginning to end they walked me through every detail, constantly keeping me informed of what was going on with my house while I lived in another city. I can’t thank them enough for telling it like it is and not pulling any punches. I admire that in people because I feel I’m the same way. We did butt heads at times with things I felt versus things they felt but the goal was always to sell my house fast and for a fair price. For everything that was going on in the market then, everyone got what they wanted. For anyone selling or buying a home in San Antonio, TX, there is no one better than Alexandra and Fran Christman. Oh, they love their job.