Really understands the San Antonio Real Estate Market!

We just sold our home in the Trails. Although Alamo Ranch is a sought-after area, the homes in our area are difficult to sell at value right now because of the competition from builders.
If you’re looking to buy or sell, I can’t recommend our agent strongly enough. I have no relation to her and no other connection other than she was recommended to me. She did a phenomenal job, getting maximum value for our home and our situation.
She is exceptionally professional, detailed, and I found her to be a woman of great integrity. She gave us updates on everything that was going on and she worked her tail off to position us to compete against the builder.
She helped us hold our home value at $90/sq. ft., when everyone else on Ginger Rise was $80-$81/sq. ft. AND we had three offers on our home that were all in the 90/sq. ft. range. We had 40+ showings in about 60-65 days, so she did great job of getting our house in front of people.
Her name is Alexandra Christman, and I would love to recommend her to you. Please let me know if you have questions and I’m happy to connect you with her.